Washing Ball

The company is a well-established Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Washing Ball in Delhi. The Washing Balls save up to 100% laundry detergent and are built on the ecological ceramic technology. The Washing Balls add strong magnetic to enhance its laundry ability and they have a pair of powerful magnets included. The Washing Ball is designed for washing ball is made by elastomer which gets softer in warm water to protect.

Features Of Washing Ball
  • The washing ball, which consists of four main natural ceramics, contained in a round ball, is designed scientifically so that it could clean clothes and laundry without any detergents. The four are: (far-infrared ray/negative ions ball, alkali ball, chlorine removal ball, Antibiotic ball)
  • With washing ball, it substitutes for the major functions of existing ordinary chemical Laundry powder.
  • From the test result by a nationally authorized organization, we were awarded an excellent record in Cleaning strength, and power, which are: Decolorant strength and sterilizing power.
  • When compared with the normal washing process, we obtained results that were both desirable and Economical: Detergent-conserving, water-conserving, electrically efficiency, and time-saving.
  • It is global invention which was recorded in a domestic invention patent, a utility model, design Trade mark.
  • This detergent-free washing ball is a versatile product that functions as a natural health and Wellness product, an environmental protection product, and scientific product.

Benefits Of Washing Ball
  • Saving detergent, water, electricity
  • Sterilize bacteria and germs
  • Prevent skin disease and good for atopic skin
  • No more unpleasant smell
  • Eco-friendly product

Working Of Washing Ball
The Washing Ball is consisted of 3 kinds of ceramic balls which are made of natural materials. It is far infrared ray/negative ion (Chlorine Removal) ball, alkali ball and antibiotic ball. These ceramic balls break water cluster and make it smaller and make the water the ware active. And this water and water cluster and make the water the water active. And this water and water cluster can easily take off dirt from clothes.
  • Alkali ball keep the ph. spectrum at the level that ordinary chemical detergent has and it helps remove oily dirt from clothes.
  • FIR (=Chlorine Removal) Balls eliminate the chloride compound in water, and slacken the water surface tension and increase the cleaning power
  • Antibiotic balls eliminate bacteria and mold in washing machine and also help increase the cleaning power as well.

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